Seven Month Letter to Mara || Evie-isms

Little Mara, 

I say this every month but- you are the happiest baby. You smile, laugh (mostly at Evie) and love army crawling/rolling everywhere. I can tell you're getting desperate to keep up with your big sister (good luck with that...). 

You've *kind of* started eating solids. I'm not in a huge hurry to wean you from nursing- I get a little bit sentimental thinking about it- so we've started giving you "big girl food" slowly. Unlike your sister who ate everything I put in front of her, you've been a little bit pickier. Do me a favor and please don't let that continue into toddlerhood. So far you like scrambled eggs, baby yogurt, bananas (sometimes), and oatmeal pancakes.

Sometimes I try and picture your personality- will you be the "follow the rules" black and white thinker stereotypical of second children? Will you like to be alone? Will you try and be just like your older sister or try and be the opposite? I can already tell that the two of you are very different- but I know you'll be great friends ;) 

Love you always, 


Evie-isms // 26 months

*I don't know why I haven't started doing this already...but Evie deserves a little time in the spot light too*

  • You consistently ask for salad and like to drink pickle juice (not my daughter...)
  • Every time you see Eleanor (our kitten) you yell "CAT!" and run up to her to hug, drag or lay on top of her. 
  • If you want something you will say the thing you want followed by an enthusiastic "I do!"
  • Love making Mara laugh and are sometimes the only one who can. 
  • Your counting skills need some polishing: 1....2.....5.....
  • When we say the ABC's with you "W" is "all done", then XYZ. 
  • You love Thomas the Train, The Minions and Finding Nemo (Thank the Lord that your Daniel Tiger phase is fading out ;)