Can A Capsule Wardrobe Really Change Your Life?

If you've followed my blog for a while (or even glanced up at the logo...) you'll know that simplicity is important to me. And not just some vague idea of minimal interior design or getting rid of all of your stuff (though there are definitely pros to both). I'm after the heart behind simplicity- the bones of it. I believe living a "simple" life should include each and every aspect of your life- right down to the clothes you wear. 

We live in a world that values excess. Simple living says I don't need "more", I need "quality". Quality memories made in the moments you focused on being present. Quality pieces in your home that aren't just random clutter. Quality relationships forged in authenticity, not drama or a need to fit in. And, of course, quality clothes that help you focus on the present moment and love the way you look. 

When people hear the phrase "it changed my life", they usually think of things like overcoming an addiction or having your first child or scoring your dream job. Something "major"- certainly not something as silly as the clothes you choose to wear. Clothes are a lot of things for a lot of people, but they're not usually called life changing. 

However, I'm here to make a case that clothes can, in fact, play a part in changing your life. 


Before I started planning my first capsule wardrobe, my closet was filled to the brim with clothes. Most were random clothes accrued during my college (and even high school) days. Some of the pieces had sentimental connections- the striped strapless top I wore on my first date with AJ- while some of them I had never even worn. I had multiples of everything- and lots of "oh that's really cute but it doesn't go with anything else" type of pieces. And the worst part was, I didn't even like most of the clothes I owned. They didn't make me feel great and they didn't fit my postpartum body or my lifestyle. 

I knew it was time for a change. 

When I first heard of the concept of capsule wardrobes I was skeptical. Living with only 30 (ish) pieces of clothes per season? What if I changed my mind or wanted to go shopping? What if I left something out or couldn't give something up? 

But the idea of designing a wardrobe for myself that completely fit my style and day to day life seemed too good to pass up, so I jumped in head first and guess what? I've never looked back. I can easily say that having a closet full of limited pieces that I love, flow well with each other and make me feel great has not only boosted my confidence, but has cut my getting ready time down drastically and has allowed me to focus on the moment- instead of just picking an outfit for it. 

In fact, I'm so in love with Capsule Wardrobes and so believe in the way they simplify and enhance your day to day life, that I want to help YOU design your own! I'm offering services as a "Capsule Consultant" to help you both simplify your current wardrobe AND plan your very own capsule wardrobe. I know, I can't contain my excitement either!

The best part about capsule wardrobes is the way they help you get to know your personal style. I'll help you do not only that, but guide you through the whole process- from purging your closet to filling it with pieces that you love and will actually wear. Want to read more? Head over to my SERVICES tab and click Capsule Consultant. 

Thank you always for your support, friends!