Why Minimalism *Should Be* More Than Another Trend


I've been mentally sparring with this post in my mind for a few months now. And since the title is just about as straightforward as it gets, I don't need to bore you with a mysterious intro to get you guessing at what I'm trying to say. I'll be as Earnest Hemmingway-like as I can, and get right to the meat of it, because, in a way, I think that's what minimalism is all about. 

As I've gotten deeper into the blogging world and learned the in's and out's of what it takes to get your blog noticed (among thousands upon thousands), balancing my love for simplicity has been tough. You see, in order to have a successful blog, business or what-have-you, you must jump on the bandwagons. Or it feels that way usually. You have to take beautiful photos that are sized perfectly and styled to catch the eye of your target audience on Pinterest. You have to have a brand and offer services and network and crank out "new" ideas. You have to do A LOT. 

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and the friends I've made through it. I obviously think it's important to treat a blog (**or any passion**) like a business if you want to gain an audience and grow. This space is so dear to me and I'll never tire of pumping my heart and soul into it (because that's usually what it feels like I'm doing). But the one thing that's been bothering me lately is how easy it is to get trapped in the "muchness" of it all, to quote a wise Louis Carrol, and simultaneously loose my "muchiness". 

“You’re not the same as you were before. You were much more muchier; you’ve lost your muchness.” –Mad Hatter

“My muchness?” – Alice

“In there (your heart/core), something is missing.” –Mad Hatter


The numbers. 

The competition. 

The parts of business and life that are so very un-simple. 

To me, minimalism is much more of a heart and mind issue than it is a love of scantly decorated interiors or crisp, white button-up shirts. 

To me, a simple life and a minimalist life are interchangeable. It means you're done with the more-mentality that saturates our every waking moments. We're trained to want more; so we try harder, spend harder, work harder. 

A minimalist mindset is contentment- something I've written multiple times about because I struggle so fiercely with it. Perhaps that's where this passion for simplicity arose in the first place. 

I fail at minimalism daily. My house is cluttered. Though I've drastically decreased the size of my wardrobe, there are still clothes that I don't wear that I'm waiting to rid myself of. My countertops are messy and my girls have far too many toys. There are still boxes in our house that need unpacking. 

My heart isn't a very good minimalist either. I'm discontent often- longing for more (and not in the "dream big" kind of way). 

But that's where my passion stems from. I know my natural state isn't towards minimalism. It takes actual work for me to get my heart (and home) in a place where I feel I'm actually living simply. But I love how my platform serves as a daily reminder for me to simplify. To minimize. 

Be it the blogosphere or the kitchen, the need to compare and strive for more is hard to see through. But I think that with a minimalist attitude- an attitude that says "I am enough. My stuff is enough. My words are enough. My effort is enough."- we can truly find our space to thrive.