Creating a Mini-Capsule || Dressember Edition

If you've been around these part for a while, you'll know that this post combines two of my biggest passions in life (capsule wardrobes and ending human trafficking), so naturally, I'm pretty excited about it. I've been highlighting brands that fight human trafficking all November-long (and will keep going this month too!), and now December is finally here and with it comes one of the biggest campaigns against human trafficking in the world. If you're not familiar with Dressember, take a quick peek at my interview with the founder here and then join our team here (excuse my shameless plug, I'm really passionate about this campaign, you guys). 

One of the biggest questions I've gotten about Dressember so far is how to make it work with only a few dresses, as many of my readers already have fairly limited wardrobes. The people behind the campaign make it pretty clear that the movement isn't meant to be an excuse for a shopping spree to stock up on dresses, but rather, it's meant to stretch your creativity by wearing a dress (or a few dresses) as your flag for an entire month. 

I decided to create a mini-capsule for the occasion, so that I wouldn't be scrambling for pieces, and so I could already have a pretty good idea of outfits I could create before the month even started. Obviously, it's only the first day of the month, so my pieces are subject to change a bit (meaning I might swap out a few sweaters for others in my closet, not that I'm going shopping for new items). 

Hopefully this mini-capsule will give you a concrete visual of how to make an already limited wardrobe work on even more strict parameters. I'm so excited to mix and match these pieces — be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see how I style them everyday (or semi-everyday...) 

The Dresses: 5

These are the five dresses I'll be wearing all month long. Five may feel like not nearly enough (I know I had closer to 8 last year), but to me right now it feels like a lot. They're all pretty versatile and neutral, so I'm excited to layer and get creative! 

(From Left to Right: Black Long Sleeved dress @ Amour Vert via ThredUp, Blush short sleeved @ LA Relaxed, Black Shift Dress @ Sotela via IMBY, Sweater dress @ Target (during my pre-ethical shopping days), Olive turtleneck swing dress @ Dressember via Elegantees

Tops & Sweaters: 6

(Grey turtleneck @ H&M via ThredUP, Green cropped sweater @ an Instagram shop (I can't remember which one...), Flannel @ thrifted years ago, Chambray @ old old Target, Striped top @ H&M, Black Sweatshirt @ Sudara (an AMAZING brand fighting human trafficking that may or may not grace this website next week ;). 

Cardigans: 3

(Tribal cardigan @ old old Forever 21, Grey Duster @ Penny Thrift, Cream cardi @ ASOS) 

Bottoms: 2

(Plus lots of tights)

(Jeans @ Madewell via ThredUP, Leggings @ GirlfriendCollective - HIGHLY recommend these leggings people). 

That's it! If you're worried about creating your own mini-capsule for the month, don't hesitate to reach out. Again, the pieces are subject to change, but I'll update as the month goes on. 

I'm so excited to be leading a team this year (join us!) and am confident that we'll accomplish amazing things this month. LETS DO THIS.