Letters to Mara || 6 Months


Little Mara, 

If this picture doesn't sum up your sweet personality, I'm not sure what will. People tell me all the time that you're the happiest baby they've met- and I can't disagree. 

You rarely cry, will immediately smile given any attention, eat well (obviously- people also comment on your "healthiness"...) and are usually content to sit on the floor or in your bouncy swing. You started sitting up unassisted a few weeks ago, but you're really getting the hang of it now. You love grabbing for everything within arm's reach- especially food. 

You've reached a huge milestone this month- getting to start solids! We did baby led weaning with your sister and LOVED it, so I don't see any reason why we shouldn't do the same with you. We haven't given you anything yet, but I can already tell that you're excited to eat like we do :) 

My only complaint is your sleep schedule- with the holiday craziness, having any schedule at all is hard- but I know you'll get back on track soon. You nap like a pro (even putting yourself to sleep, which is huge!) 

Keep growing, little one. I know how fast these days go now- I was always rushing time away with your sister, excited for her to reach each milestone- but with you, I just want time to slow down! 

We love you.