Monthly Snapshot // January

I keep trying to come up with a more clever way to begin my snapshots than by saying "can you believe the month is already over?!" but clearly I haven't reached that level of witticism yet, so...CAN YOU BELIEVE JANUARY IS ALREADY OVER? 

I can't. 

This month was a big one for me, idea-wise. I wasn't super active on my blog- but behind the scenes the wheels are a-turning and I'm so excited to share some of the big ideas I have cooking up! 

Here's what we've been up to: 

  • We spent a week in Colorado, in the town where I grew up, and it was glorious. I hadn't been back there since Evie was two weeks old, so I was in desperate need of a mountain fix. Evie and Mara got to spend lots of quality time with Mimi and Papa while AJ and I snowboarded, went to the hot springs and did all the touristy things that aren't cool when you live there ;) 
  • Right when we got back (and for a little bit of our trip, too) both girlies got sick. As with all road trips, our schedules went completely out the window and being sick only made matters worse. Luckily though, they're both finally feeling better and our schedule is semi-back to normal. 
  • Mara celebrated her half birthday! What?!

I Posted: 

I Read: 

  • Have you all heard about These Reads yet? This post from Domestically Blissful got me hooked (and I've already seen growth to my blog just in the first few days! Check it out!)
  • This AMAZING post about how to handle taxes as a blogger- because, even though winging it is my go-to for everything else in life, I don't trust that strategy for taxes. 
  • My friend Julie's post about her decision to stop teaching to be a stay-at-home mom with her 4 day old baby boy (WHO IS TOO ADORABLE). 
  • This post from Coffee With Summer about how (and why) to support your favorite bloggers. Because awesome blogs don't just happen overnight, my friends, and reader's support means the world. 

What were your favorite moments of January? Let me know in the comments!