Living Room Reveal // Before and After

Hello blog land! I feel like it has been forever since my last post! I took an intentional hiatus during our trip to Colorado last week, but when we got home both girls got sick and AJ started a new shift at work (a 13-ish hour night shift- yikes!) so this week has been a little rough. So, I apologize for such a long absence! To make it up to you though, I'm sharing a post that I've been meaning to for months but finally forced myself to clean and finalize some tiny details so that I can show you our living room before and after shots! 

In case you're new around these parts (welcome!), we bought our first home last April. It was a foreclosure and major fixer-upper, but we loved the unique details and the old-ness of it (it was built in 1925), so we took the plunge. AJ and my dad worked for almost a week straight just to make it livable for us. I was 7 months pregnant with Mara at the time, so I wasn't much help. Since that initial push we've been tackling projects slowly but surely and I've fallen in love with the house so far. 


Yuck, right? There were layers upon layers of carpet and subflooring that they had to uncover to reveal the original hardwood underneath (seriously, WHO thought it was a good idea to cover that up?!) With a few nights of sanding, refinishing and staining it was as good as new. 

We went with grey for most of the walls in the house and I love how spacious it makes the room look.


Quite the transformation, eh? There are obviously lots of minor details that still need finishing up (quarter round trim, a new (DIY) lamp shade...) but I love the progress we've made.