Letters to Mara // 5 Months


Slow down already! You're almost half way to a year though in my mind you're still just a tiny baby. You would beg to differ though, as I can already see you trying to keep up with Evie (even though you can only roll over still....so good luck with that). 

You've started sitting up unassisted for a few moments and you love standing (with help of course). You do this little growl thing when you're happy that I'm pretty sure you copied from Evie when she chases the dog. 

Evie makes you laugh constantly- just by looking at her sometimes.

I often wonder what's going through your mind. You're so relaxed and easy going, so I'm sure you have nothing but happy thoughts. 


Oh, and you're sleeping like a champ in your crib now! (I know....it took me forever to work up the confidence to move you upstairs). But you only wake up a few times to eat and put yourself right back to sleep. 

At your doctor appointment a few weeks ago they said you weighed 14.5 pounds, but I'm sure you've grown even more since then! Keep it up, sweet girl. 

Love you wildly,