Monthly Snapshot: December

Merry late Christmas friends! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday with friends and family and made some sweet memories along the way. As per usual, I want to recap the month with a little round up post of highlights- to keep you all updated and get up to speed in case you missed anything ;) 

Here's what we've been up to: 

  • Mara turned 5 months old! What. 
  • AJ and I celebrated 2 years of marriage on the 18th! We had a relaxing day at home and went out to dinner (with 2 littles in tow) that night.
  • My Etsy shop will be open for officially a month on the 29th! I'm planning on adding a line of beanies for the Winter too. 
  • We had a glorious Christmas in Omaha with AJ's family. It was fun getting to join in the Christmas festivities with his gigantic family for the first time ;) And even though Evie refused to wear her beautiful Christmas dress, we had a wonderful time.
  • I wore a dress every day of the month. 

I Posted: 

I Read: 

What were your highlights of the month, friends?