10 Clutter Free Gift Ideas

The countdown to Christmas is still going strong in our house! Evie vaguely knows what's going on, but it's mostly just me running around decorating everything and baking too many cookies- and then eating them all. 

In the spirit of simplicity and gifting, I thought I'd write a little gift guide for those of you looking to give gifts that are both clutter-free and special. Some of them will be DIY (my personal favorites) while others are store bought.  

Two of the biggest things I consider when I'm giving a gift to someone are "will this just end up sitting in a corner somewhere?" and "what can I give them that they will actually use/need?" I'm not saying you should give them something as practical as a pack of pencils or a carton of milk...but sometimes that snowman shaped cookie jar, while super cute, might just not get the use that a gift deserves. 

Non-Clutter Gift Ideas:

1. Gifts of time: one of my love languages is quality time, so this one is my favorite. The great thing about gifts of time is the limitless possibilities. Take someone out for coffee, or a meal, or better yet, cook them a meal in your home. Spending intentional one on one time with someone can be the perfect way to show them how loved they are. 

2. Gift cards: do they have a favorite store or restaurant they're always talking about? Get them a gift card! This one is great if you aren't really sure what else to get them. Some call it a cop out, but I call it useful!

3. Homemade soaps or spa kits: you probably know I'm all about the handmade goodies! Bath and beauty products are sure to get used and not add unnecessary clutter. Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning: handmade soap, mini spa kit, whipped body butter (I made this last year and it's great!)

4. Food! There's nothing more practical, necessary and fun as food. Utilize those mason jars and fill them with a cookie mix, or the ingredients they need for hot chocolate. Or fill a basket with homemade goodies- everyone loves a good homemade loaf of bread right?

5. Babysitting/date night coupons: *wink wink*...Without suggesting anything, let me just say that these kind of gifts are often the most appreciated. 

6.  Health and wellness items: Do you know someone who loves essential oils? Chances are they'd love receiving some as a gift. 

7. Tickets to an event: My bucket list includes Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons and Josh Garrels, thanks. 

8. A playlist: create a list of songs you listen to when you're together or ones you both love. They'll think of you every time they play it. 

9: Handmade or handlettered art: I'm always on the lookout for cute art for my walls. Scout out your friends' tastes and then make them something beautiful!

10: Go SUPER practical: If none of these ideas are striking a chord, buy them a oil change, or a hair appointment. Gifts that meet a need will never go unappreciated. 

What are some of the gifts you enjoy giving?