How to Take Professional Quality Photos of Your Kids // Guest Video Post

Hi sweet friends! 
As you probably know, I'm currently in Cali with my lover boy, so I'm taking a little hiatus from all things blogging. But I didn't want this space to be totally neglected while I was gone.

My sweet friend (and incredibly talented photographer) Amy agreed to do a little guest post for me while I was gone. She is sharing some awesome tips for taking photos of your kids, because we can't all have a live-in professional, like Amy's family does ;) She has taken all of the professional photos that you've seen around my blog and I've absolutely loved every single image. Here's a little peek into the photos she's taken for us:

To see more of her gorgeous work, or if you're a midwesterner needing to book a photographer, check out her website

Even if you don't have kids, these tips are still super valuable if you want to take high quality photos for your blog or to display in your home. 

So without further ado- take it away Amy!