Letters to Mara: four months

Little Mara, 

As I sit here typing this with one hand and rocking you in the other- I'm a little upset at how quickly time is going. These letters are happening way too often. Slow down. 

You started really laughing this week. Usually it's at Evie or when I tickle one of your abundance of rolls. 

Speaking of rolls- you're in SIX MONTH clothes now. SIX MONTH. You're wearing clothes that your sister didn't fit into until she was much older and, let me tell you, she had more than enough chub to go around. I'm so proud of you for growing so well. I can't wait until your four month check up in a few weeks because I'm always blown away at how much you've changed from one appointment to the next. 

I'm trying to savor every little moment with you, because- having your sister first taught me this- I know that these times are precious. You won't always have that sweet baby smell (your daddy says you usually smell like sour milk, but I kind of love it. Is that weird?). You won't always have these layers upon layers of rolls. You won't always have trouble rolling over because you can't figure out how to move your left arm out of the way. 

Remind me to slow down a little bit ok? I don't want to forget our snuggles and our late night feedings (we're down to only one now!). 

I love you with all my heart.