5 Practical Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home

Today I'm so excited to talk about something that I've become really passionate about over the past few years- especially since becoming a mom. It doesn't take much longer than a few seconds of perusing my blog to discover that simplicity and health are both super important to me. And when something combines both of those things at once- I take it and run with it. That's what essential oils are for me. They're simple because they reduce the need for store bought medicines/cleaners/air fresheners/cosmetics and I can feel 100% confident about using them at home. 

Amy, AJ's aunt (who we used to live with in CO) has become a bit of a doTerra essential oil's aficionado recently and between her and my mom, who also uses these oils religiously, I've learned a little about them myself. Amy is truly passionate about the way essential oils can change lives and diminish the need for other chemicals or medications- so I'm excited to be collaborating with her for this post. She was sweet enough to give me a box of 9 of the most popular oils in roll-on bottles, which is a super convenient way to apply them, for me to use and talk about here. 

The awesome thing about doTerra (compared to other store bought essential oils) is that they are 100% natural and extracted directly from the plant itself. There are zero additives or chemicals- so they're as pure as it gets. To learn more about the oils, or to sign up to buy some for yourself, go to this link. I promise you won't regret it. 

Though there are literally a million different ways to use these oils, I want to talk about five of the super practical, almost no-brainer, ways that I use them around my house on a daily basis. That is what won me over- they aren't complicated to use and they're actually good for you. 

5 ways to use essential oils at home: 

1. Diffusing them: 

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to use oils. Not only does it make your home smell INCREDIBLE (without spraying any yucky chemicals into the air) but it actually benefits your health, unlike other diffusers/candles/air fresheners. 

Though you do have to buy the diffuser (they make GREAT gifts, I got mine for Christmas last year...) it's totally worth it. A few of my favorite oils to diffuse are lavender (has a great calming effect- which is great to help the babies sleep better), citrus bliss (a combination of orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamont and a few other oils that help cleanse the air, fight bacteria, and lift mood. Plus it smells amazing.), and on guard (a blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary that literally smells like Christmas. It helps support your immune system, which is great during the cold months.) 

2. "Spiking" your drinks:

This one is great for Evie, who loves juice, but shouldn't be drinking it daily. I give her this instead: a cup of water and one drop of lemon or orange oil. It really only takes a drop to flavor the water, and she can't tell the difference. Obviously, this is great for adults too ;)

You can also use them for cooking. Oils like oregano, lemon, basil, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon are great for spicing up your dinner or dessert (or coffee or chai!). 

3. Calming crazy kids: 

Lavender is a great soothing oil. I put a few drops in E's bath before bed time and it helps her wind down and get ready to sleep. Also, if AJ or I is having trouble sleeping, a little lavender on the bottom or our feet or diffused in the air usually helps us fall back asleep quicker. 

I also use lavender to sooth bug bites, sun burns or scrapes. It's kind of the go-to oil for lots of different things. 

4. Soothing sore muscles:

Aj's job is pretty physically demanding. A lot of the time he comes home with a sore back or legs. DoTerra's deep blue blend is AMAZING to help relieve this. I'll use the oil in a roller bottle or the deep blue rub and put a little bit where the muscle is hurting and within a few seconds it soothes the muscles and give you a warm, relaxing feeling. 

There is also a blend specifically for massages called Aroma Touch that is great for rubbing down sore muscles. 

5. Preventing/fighting sicknesses: 

Though this is kind of a bold claim, but I really believe that these oils help keep us healthy and shorten our sicknesses when we do get them. If I think one of us is getting a cold, I'll diffuse melaluca (which is just tea tree oil), lemon, and on guard. It helps with stuffiness and coughing and cleanses the air of germs. I also "wear" on guard kind of like a perfume- I LOVE the way it smells and it is a great immune system booster. 

A little tip for all my pregnant friends- or if you struggle with motion sickness- grapefruit oil is AMAZING for nausea. When I had morning sickness with Mara I kept the bottle right by my bed and smelled it whenever I felt sick. Or when AJ made chicken- which made me throw up. I also diffused it in my room and it worked wonders. 

There you have it! What ways do you like to use essential oils at home? I love hearing testimonials from people who've tried them out!