#30daysoflittlethings Week Two Link Up and Recap

I'm so excited by how many people joined us for last week's link up and how many of you have been sharing on Instagram/Facebook! It's truly so encouraging to remember the little things we have to be grateful for each day- especially in the midst of a lot of really tragic things going on around the world. I know I've been holding my loved ones a little tighter- trying not to take anything for granted- this week. 

My Little Things:

AJ and I went on our little trip to CA (which I'll post about later this week, so no spoilers here!)- so I was really thankful for SAFETY

AJ turned 24 while we were gone and it was so fun to celebrate HIM without any small children or animals or dishes following us around ;)

I was thankful for the MEMORIES we were making- and for ones already made. What an incredible gift to be able to relive sweet times simply by thinking about them. 

COFFEE finally made the list- I'd been saving that not-so-little thing in my life till we went to CA and I had some new coffee shops to explore. I'm thankful for the conversations had around coffee and the community it builds. 

I was thankful for SPONTANEITY. We really didn't have an agenda while we were gone, which was an incredible change of pace. 

And once we got home (to snow the next morning!) I was thankful for PETS and for SNOW too.  

Now for the link-up!

I want to especially thank Ludavia from Nifty Betty for helping me host this awesome project. She has been so enthusiastic about the whole thing. 

A few guidelines before you link-up:

  • Please only post one or two links! If you've been posting daily (WHICH IS AWESOME!) pick your top two- or write a summary post!
  • Please, please, please take the time to follow the hosts/people who link up with us! I've connected with lots of great bloggers these past two weeks and I'm LOVING it. 
  • As always, comment!