Letters to Mara: 3 Months

My Mara, 

You grow chubbier by the day. I still can't believe how quickly these months are going- I feel like I can literally see you changing. With your sister, I felt like she was tiny longer. Maybe its just because I know what to expect, or maybe life after the second child does actually move faster. I'm not sure. 

You fit in three-six month clothes now, and weigh well over 11 lbs. You smile every time someone makes eye contact with you. You love talking- you really tell the best stories at night time, right before you get grumpy and need sleep. 

Speaking of sleep, you sleep around 6-7 hours in a row, then wake to eat and go back to sleep. I'm praying this habit sticks around. Praying really, really hard. 

I love your passivity. Evie is constantly rubbing your head, kissing you, attempting to lay on you, covering you up with blankets, and (trying) to "share" her meals with you. And you could care less- you are patient and sweet. And I love you. 

Happy growing my love,