#30daysoflittlethings Week One Recap

One week of our #30daysoflittlethings project down! I've loved seeing all of your photos and can't wait to read everyone's posts! If you're just joining in, you can read the original post here and follow along daily with me on Instagram. Basically, we are all just trying to be grateful for the small things. 

I'm currently in CA with AJ (see what I did there...?) and probably won't be interacting much until Wednesday or Thursday, but PLEASE post your links at the bottom of this post in the link-up. It's oh so easy and will be so encouraging for everyone participating! The link-up will stay open all week, so no pressure to get it up today. 

My little things: 

  • Safe travel. AJ and I haven't flown anywhere together since we met in Latvia, so this is kind of a special adventure. 
  • Moms. My momma is currently watching my sweet girls (and kitten and dog and house) while we are away and I'm so very thankful for her help!
  • Capsule Wardrobes. Seriously, I'm thankful for them. It has made getting ready for this trip a whole heckofalot easier- less focus on the clothes and fitting everything into a suitcase, and more focus on my man. 
  • Age. Another weird thing to be grateful for. BUT. We had a little "Friendsgiving" gathering at my house on Monday and there were women from all walks of life there. I call them all my friends and am amazed at how much we can learn from those who are older, younger, more mature, more adventurous, more experienced....than us. Friends have no age limit. 

Your turn: