5 Things to do When You Need a Break (but can't take one yet)

As awesome as Fall can be, it is oh so easy to get worn down by the end of the season. With the beginning of a new school year, new groups, less time to get outside... and all the other things that come with Fall, I usually find myself craving a break around mid-october. 

Aj and I are taking our first big trip away from the girls during the first week of November and- in all honesty- I'm not sure how much longer I can wait! It's been so long since we've gotten away and I'm really desperate for some kid-free time with my man. 

That said, I've been brainstorming ways to occupy myself (you know, other than the keeping children alive part of my day) to help lessen my "desperateness".

I'm sure I'm not alone in craving a break- it's still a while till Thanksgiving and the weeks leading up to it seem to be the least thankful as we do everything we can to make the time go quicker till our break. Whether you're mentally exhausted and in need of some reprieve, or are anxiously awaiting something that seems to be taking FOREVER, there are ways we can make excellent use of the time- other than daydreaming or checking flight schedules. 

I came up with these five things to not only pass the time, but make sure I'm using it intentionally- and well. 

  1. Take a "mini-break": there is no shame in needing a break before your "break". Do something small that refreshes you and takes your mind off of the real deal. For me, this usually looks like going out for a coffee, or reading a book while the girls nap- but maybe it's something as simple as treating yourself to an extra-long lunch break or even taking a spontaneous road-trip somewhere close-by.
  2. Get Creative: if you're a creative type- this will obviously be a no-brainer. But I find it incredibly distracting (in a good way) and freeing to create. I've been crocheting up a storm and started selling coffee sleeves. I'm also hosting a little "Friendsgiving" at our house before we leave, so I've been busy making things for that. Start a project- it's sure to keep your mind off of things. 
  3. Be Prepared: sometimes I can't help but spend my time thinking about our trip, so when my mind can't be forced elsewhere- I try to use the time productively. Making lists of things I need, or places to go when we're gone will help me be constructive and help our trip go much more smooth. 
  4. Rest: if you're mentally or physically exhausted, rest may be the only thing that will fix it. Take a nap. Don't feel guilty about leaving your house a mess or putting something off. If napping isn't your thing- do something else that refreshes your body and mind. If you're not rested, you won't be able to enjoy the break when it comes. 
  5. Be HERE: and of course, don't spend all your time thinking about the future. Being present in the moment will help you see the beauty around you. If I'm engaged with Evie and Mara, instead of daydreaming about California, I'm bound to be much happier and to make much better choices with my time. 

Now YOU tell me- how you do you spend the time when you NEED a break but can't take one yet?