How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe // Part Two


Today is the day! I've been so excited to write this post- I'm finally ready to share my full Fall capsule. If you're unsure of what a capsule wardrobe is, or are looking for tips on how to plan one, check out part one here.

This is my first season creating a capsule wardrobe and I'm already addicted. The process of picking pieces and planning is so fun as is the freedom of knowing that I have 30 pieces that I love to wear and know will look good together. The feeling of looking at my closet (full of SO MUCH clothing) and thinking I have nothing to wear is gone and I absolutely love the cohesive feel of my wardrobe now. 

As I wrote about before, I purged my closet of almost everything before I started buying anything new. However a lot of the pieces in my capsule I already owned- which is awesome. And a few of them were items I'd always wanted but didn't feel justified in spending money on. As a result of such intentional buying, I feel like I know my style a lot better now.

My pieces were all pretty "basic"- lots of warm, neutral tones and comfortable choices. I didn't buy anything that I wouldn't want to wear on a regular basis because those are the kinds of pieces I need. I rarely dress up and I wanted clothes that I could wear around the house and out on a date. The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is how easy they are to customize- you can literally make it however you want it to be. 

Remember, a capsule (as per Unfancy's rules, and most other capsules I've seen) excludes things like leggings, cami's, underwear, swim suits and accessories. Not that you should go crazy and buy a million scarves because you can't buy any more "regular" clothes...everything in moderation, I say. These items are just excluded from your 30 (or whatever number works for you) pieces. 

Here is how mine turned out: (I apologize for the poor photo quality- I was in a hurry to get them up!)


And just in case you're wondering, here's the run down: 

-White T (New, H&M) - Peach T (New, F21) - Striped T (Old, Kohls) - Black T (New, Kohls) 

-Grey T (New, F21) - Lace (Old, F21) -Boho (New, F21) -Off White T (Old, F21) -I'm also planning on getting this shirt from H&M, but I had to return it for a bigger size :(


-Grey Sweater (Old, Kohls) -Burgundy Sweater (New, H&M) -Flannel (Old, Thrifted) - Knit Cardigan (New, F21) -Chambray (New, Target)

-Purple Cardigan (Old, Thrifted) -Black Cardigan (Old, Thrifted) -Jean Jacket (Old, Target)  -Tan Jacket (Old, Target) -Army Green Jacket (Really Old- like high school old, American Eagle) 


-Grey Jersey Dress (New, Target) - Striped Dress (Old, Old Navy) -Blue Dress (Old, Thrifted)

-Burgundy Skinnies(Old, F21) - Black Skinnies (Old, Walmart. Seriously.) - Green Skinnies (Way old, Pac Sun) - Distressed Skinnies (New, Khols) - Green Body Con Skirt (Old, F21) - Black Jogger Skirt (Old, Rue 21)


(Some capsules don't include shoes, but I did just because I don't have that many and my capsule was already fairly small)

- Leather booties (New, Target) -Van's Sneakers (Old- from my barista days, so they're a little loved, Vans) - Leather boots (One season old, Famous Footwear) 

And here's a giant picture of me because I'm so excited to be sharing this! I'd love to hear your feed back- especially if you've ever created a wardrobe capsule or want to try it out! I'm loving it so far. It's pushing me to be intentional with something as simple as the clothes I buy and I would argue that it allows for much more creativity.