Letters to Mara: 2 Months

Sweet Mara,

First of all, look how big you are! When did that happen?! For just two months you're quite the chunk, and I'm loving it :)

It's hard to tell exactly what you'll be like as you grow, but I'm already getting to know you in little ways everyday. If I'm right, you're nothing like your sister- at least not so far. It will be so fun to see your personality blossom in the coming months. But from what I can tell, I'm guessing you'll be my laid back, easy going girl.

You already sleep in 6-7 hour stretches at night, which makes your momma super happy. If you're not hungry or tired, you're usually content to just sit in your swing or boppy (which you will NOT be sleeping in- we learned that lesson the hard way with your sister who wouldn't sleep anywhere else...) and look around.

You LOVE smiling and will sometimes give the biggest grin just from hearing my voice, which of course melts my heart. Your hair is dark brown and your eyes are brownish greyish, but I'm assuming they'll be brown ;) I keep hearing how much you look like me, which is nice, since I never hear that about E- she got your daddy's genes I think.

I'm so impressed with your patience. Evie loves to "help" me take care of you, which usually ends up with her accidentally kicking you or taking your paci or hugging you too hard. She is so in love with you though. Every morning when you wake up (much later than E) she likes to run into your room and yell "Hiiiiiii" and give you kisses.

I love you sweet baby and thank you for letting me get some sleep.