The Guy Behind the Blog

Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with things to post on a consistent basis. Blogging 101, I know, but keeping consistent content is tricky at times. So....when I come to a blank space in my planner, I have to get a little bit (more) creative. Today, being one of those blank spaces, I thought it would be fun to switch things up a little bit.  You're going to hear a little bit from someone you only know from my perspective- the guy behind the blog, if you will.

This is a super fun monthly link-up with a bunch of other bloggers who interview their guys with the same questions and share their (generally pretty amusing) answers all at once! So be sure to check out the other posts on


blog- there are some pretty great ones :) I think I may make this a monthly thing...I have a feeling things could get pretty interesting.

So without further ado- take it away, my love:

1 //

What is your favorite family tradition? 

AJ: Spaghetti on Thanksgiving.

Liv: That's all?

AJ: Yep.

2 //

Who's your male celebrity crush?

AJ: (without hesitation) Ryan Gosling.

3 //

What song best sums you up? 

AJ: Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

Liv: Seriously? (next three were definite no's)

He finally decided on "Cleaning this Gun" by "Rhett Somebody"...who we later realized was called Rodney Atkins. It's actually a good choice, considering he has two daughters ;).

4 //

What three things do you think of the most each day? 

-How grateful I am for our beautiful home and my beautiful wife and having a beautiful family to fill it.

- House chores. Projects. What we can get done before the baby gets here.

- What can I do to make things easier for my pregnant wife.

(He may have felt a little pressure to answer these "right"...but I think it's pretty spot on. Previous answers included, but weren't limited to, "when is my acting/modeling career going to take off?" and "what new dance moves should I show Liv tonight?")

5 //

What's your most embarrassing memory? 

I don't think I've had any.

Apparently the man has never done anything embarrassing, ever. Oh well.