Selfies for a Cause with Huggies Ultra Hug!

Today I am partnering with Huggies and their #ultrahug campaign to raise awareness for a local charity and an issue that hits very close to home. The Ultra Hug campaign is a selfie challenge, (and everyone is welcome to join in!) but I'm posting about it here as well so that more people have the chance to enter and win a $2,000 grant for a charity of their choice. Tag me in a selfie of you and your kiddo, post it to Instagram so I can see, and hashtag it #ultrahug. While Huggies is sponsoring this post, and I may receive a small compensation for links clicked, all opinions are entirely my own.

Ever since I became pregnant with Evie, I've had a heart for women in similar situations. You can't really know what it's like to go through an unexpected pregnancy with out experiencing it for yourself- and my heart hurts for the many, many women who don't have a support system like I did. It is a scary, sometimes lonely, road to walk- one that is usually frowned upon by others and may not always end happily. I feel all too blessed to have been surrounded by people who cared about me and AJ- but unfortunately, lots of women (and their partners) don't have that.

That is why I'm so thankful for places that offer help to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Most towns have their own resource center, and while I wasn't here in NE during my pregnancy, the resource center I went to was a total game changer for me. They gave me hope and encouraged me that a baby truly was something to be excited about.

I'm nominating my local Women's Resource Center for the $2,000 grant from Huggies and can't wait to get more involved with their work here.

The beauty of this campaign is that it uses real photos of real people to spread its message. These photos aren't professionally done (obviously...)- they're grainy, my hair is a mess and I have dark circles under my eyes- but it's real.

Now it's YOUR turn. Snap a quick selfie and upload it! Be sure to use the hashtag #ultrahug for your charity to be considered! Voting starts on July 6th and 10 winners will be chosen.