36 Week Letter to Baby #2

Hi you sweet little rib-kicking baby,

I call these next few weeks the "time bomb phase", because I feel like I'm just sitting waiting to go into labor. Pregnancy is a weird thing, little one. You are such a part of me right now, and I know you so well already, but it's a finite time. It ends and you come into the world- it's a crazy thought.

You're basically just packing on the pounds at this point. The doctors tell me that I have small babies (something I'm perfectly ok with...), but for the next few weeks, you and I are going in twice a week just to make sure you're growing the way you should be. From what I can feel though, you're doing just fine and are doing everything you can to kick your way out of me.

We still have a few things to finish up before you get here, so it's ok with me if you wait a week or so. Your room is all ready though, and we have mommy and daddy's room set up for you for the first few months when you'll sleep with us. The hospital bag is all packed and we have all the arrangements made, so now we just wait.

Your sister was born at 38 weeks so, if you come early like she did, this may be the last letter I get to write you. If it is, until I get to see you for the first time, know that we love you infinitely. Know that I'm going to do the best I can to bring you here safe and sound- labor is a really scary thing, but one I'm getting ready to face again, since it means I get to meet you afterwards. Keep growing and kicking, girly.

Love you,