Evie- 18 month update

A year and a half has flown by since little E joined us, and I can say without a doubt that everyday since then has been more vibrant, busy and heartfelt because of it. We love you so much, sweet girl, and I'm so lucky you picked me to be your mama. (Even if you insist on waking me up at 5 am every morning. That's what love is, baby.)


- Giving herself hugs: See above.

- Tucking her hair behind her ears: it's the only thing she wants done to her hair. Heaven help me if I try to put it in a pony tail or clip it back.

- Bath time: ever since our move, the bath tub is literally her favorite place in the house. When we say it's time for a bath, sometimes I think she is going to fall over from excitement.

- Dandelions: when we go on walks, I have to stop the stroller every time she sees one, pick it and give it to her so she can smell it and say "mmmmmm!".

- Saying that sheep say "moo" even though she knows the truth.

- Tickling the squirrels we see out the window.

We take naps together almost everyday now. It will probably come back to bite me later, but by the time she naps, this mama needs one too.


- Sleeping past 5:30 am: this one has been rough. I'm not sure what is causing it, because she usually doesn't go to bed till 8. I'm going to try cutting her naps short (sometimes they're as long as 3 hours!) to see if that helps at all. Any advice is welcome here...

- Roxy eating the food that she drops on the floor after saying "Roxy".

- Being told no. She's probably the only child that has that problem right?

Like any logical toddler, she insisted on drinking her rice.

New words:

- Hot = "bot" (usually said with a very concerned frown on her face)

- Thank you = "tata"

- Llama = "mama" but with her tongue sticking out. She loves llamas.

- Shut

- Up= "pup"

-Help= her newest sign that she's learned