A Grateful Heart (Link-up with Ember Grey)

Happy Memorial Day, friends! I'm posting a little bit later than usual, but I hope you all are having a fun filled, reflective Memorial day. AJ works Saturday-Monday and, unfortunately, doesn't get Memorial day off, so Evie and I spent the day together at the park and enjoyed a three hour nap. I know...you can be jealous.

Today, I'm joining in a link-up over at Ember Grey (who is also hosting an awesome giveaway/ challenge for the month of June, so be sure to give her blog some love!). The theme for the link-up is "grateful hearts"- a theme I'm really excited about, because honestly, I need a little boost in the gratitude department today. It's getting down to the wire with this new baby, and I tend to focus on all the things I still have to get done, instead of taking a few moments to be grateful. So this couldn't have come at a better time!

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

Today I'm grateful for:

+ extra hands over the weekend (thank you Aunt Patti for spending your weekend with us!)
+ the afore mentioned 3 hour nap. I think I'm starting to need those more than E does....
+ having enough space for a garden. AJ finished planting last night, and oh I'm so excited. Growing fresh veggies and fruit right in our back yard? What could be better?
+ a husband who works hard (even on days we wish he could take off).
+ Evie's new-found ability to entertain herself. It makes my day much easier when she can spend a half hour chasing Roxy or rearranging the magnets on the fridge.
+ where I am. I've said a million times how much I never expected to be where I am in life right now, but I wouldn't change a single thing. Even the frustrating, repeating-yourself-fifteen-times, no-you-cannot-eat-that, sit-down-or-so-help-me....moments.

What are you grateful for this week? I'd love to hear! I'm always inspired by what you all have to say.