We Bought A Home!

Happy Monday! I've been waiting to write this post for months now, but I'm so excited to finally announce that we signed on our first house!

We've been in the process of buying it since January, but as every homeowner I've talked to has told me, these things rarely go as planned. There were lots of complications on the seller's end, and the house was a repossessed foreclosure to make things more complicated. But AJ and I fell in love with the little house's old charm and potential (and the price we could actually afford) the first time we saw it, so we decided to see it through and not give up. I'm so glad we didn't!

Most of these pictures were taken during our final walk though, so pardon the blurry focus- they were snapped in a hurry!

Aj and I share a love of old houses and antiques so we knew we wanted to find an older house and fix it up. This one is DEFINITELY going to require lots of work, but we've hit the ground running and can't wait to turn it into



I will be sharing pictures of the remodel room-by-room as we fix it up, but I thought it would be fun to give you a little sneak peak of what we're working with at the very start so you can follow along with our vision for it.

Before we move in our goals are to refinish the hardwood floors (which were covered up by layer upon layer of carpet, tile and plywood...what were these people thinking?!) and paint most of the rooms. That should get it to a point where it's safe for a pregnant mama and 1 year old to live in without having to breathe in nasty chemicals and dust.

 The stair case is one of my very favorite parts! The house was built in 1910 so there are lots of original, unique features, like the french doors and tiny details in the light fixtures and door hinges, that you wouldn't see in a newer home.

The view looking down from the stairs

This room pictured above is one of the stranger parts of the house. We decided we are going to keep all of the cabinets, refinish them and turn the room into a craft/brewing room :) Every house needs one, right?

The upstairs has nicely finished floors and newer paint, so we aren't worrying too much about it for now. Three of the bedrooms are pictured below.

This obviously wasn't a full house tour, but I wanted to show you a little peak into our new home, and then save the rest for a surprise as we slowly but surely renovate it!

I'm in full remodel mode now, so I'm always looking for inspiration. If you have any stories/advice/blog posts that you want to share, I'm all ears!

Thanks for letting me share a little peak into our new home, friends! :)