Evie- 17 Month Update

It's that time again- my girl is another month older. It really hit me this month that soon it won't be only Evie in the house, and a part of me was a little sad about it. I'm trying to soak up all of our little moments- even the frustrating ones- because I know that my attention is going to be very divided after baby 2 comes.

I'm not sure if it's my third trimester self, or Evie's age right now- but she is EXHAUSTING. She's constantly on the go, getting into everything and in need of constant attention- unless Daniel Tiger is on, then she's distracted for about 7 minutes. She has also developed quite the attitude lately. If she doesn't want something (or wants something she can't have) she will frown at you with the most penetrating glare. I'm nervous for the terrible twos, because I think they've hit a little bit early with this one.


- Snuggles with her babies: She's been the most cuddly bug lately. She loves carrying around her stuffed animals and other random things, giving them kisses and loves.

- Going "bye-bye": she loves to leave the house. Whether it's a walk in the stroller, a car ride or just to play outside, she's always up to be out of the house.

- Making everyone "Klop klop" with her: One of her favorite books is Dr. Suess' "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can you?" and in it, he says horses go klop klop....so now if someone is holding her she will demand they "klop klop" around the room with her.

- Repeating words with the utmost urgency until someone responds to her.


- Being told no: Surprise surprise. Her opinions change daily now- she will like something one day and refuse to eat it the next. She will love someone and then not look at them the next minute. It's exhausting, but I'm told, very normal. (Just a little bit earlier than I expected, I might add).


-She's learning to say new things everyday. The newest is "thank you" ("ta-ta"). She loves learning what animals say and different body parts, so her list of things she knows is ever expanding- it's so fun teaching her new things.