Simply DIY // Easy TV Tray Makeover

A few weeks ago, in my weekend DIY post, I mentioned that I had a few TV trays that I wanted to give a little facelift. Well, I finally made time to finish them and I'm pretty excited about how they turned out!

The trays weren't terrible to begin with, but they were just plain wood, and not very appealing. I'm on a mission to give even the small spaces of our home a personal touch, so these seemed like a safe project to start with.

This was the "before" table. Pretty run of the mill and boring.

It took me a while to decide how to design them. I wanted them to be simple, but colorful and fun. I'm really into geometric patterns right now, so I decided to go with triangles for my first one. The problem is, I'm not a perfectionist- at all. So being precise isn't exactly my forte. I basically just free handed the design, taped it and painted. I wouldn't recommended doing that if you're more type A than I am....a measuring tape or ruler would probably be useful.

That said, don't judge my triangles for being a bit uneven. ;)

Though I liked how it looked at this point, I wanted the triangles to pop a little bit more. I decided to fill in a few spaces with white and leave the middle portions with the wood exposed.

Finally, once the paint was completely dry, I covered the top with clear laminate contact paper. I was a little worried it would make the colors look blurred, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Now, living in a world with toddlers and two accident prone adults, I can easily wipe the surface clean without worrying about the paint chipping or getting stained.

 I added a grey trim around the edge and painted part of the legs white to give it a little bit of a dip dyed effect.

And tada! A brand-new TV tray. Much more interesting and fun, don't you think?

What are some projects you're undertaking to make your space more "you"?