23 Week Letter to Baby

Well, little one, it is almost the part of the pregnancy where I forget what it's like to not be pregnant. Feeling you kick and squirm and hiccup inside me (which you do almost constantly), feels so natural that I forget only (almost) six months ago you were just a thought that we hoped would surprise us soon.

You're growing so fast- almost a foot long and over a pound! My pregnancy app says you're the size of a large mango ;)

I've finally started going through all our baby stuff (I don't know HOW we've accumulated so much of it already with only your sister) and luckily, we already have a lot of the things we will need! I'm so much less overwhelmed this time. The first time you have a baby, everything is new and crazy and it feels like an unending list of things you'll need. But this time- now that we have our "learning curve" child under our belt ;), I know we really only NEED a few things and that if you surprise us and come out a boy, you're going to have to be okay with wearing all of your sister's old clothes. Sorry.

We can't wait to meet you, girly, so lets make these last few months fly by! Keep growing and dancing; I'll keep eating and eating.

We love you to the moon,