Evie's 15 month update

Hi everyone! I hope you all had beautiful weekends.

AJ had saved up some deferred holiday time saved up and got this weekend off, so we spent the past 3 days in Omaha visiting his family and relaxing. It was great to see everyone and have some much needed together time!

Well... My little girl is another month older- time for an update, I suppose. :) I cannot believe how much she is learning and absorbing right now. Her brain is a sponge that literally soaks in everything around her. She will repeat things that I didn't even realize happened or mimic me doing something I didn't know I did. It is so much fun to chase her around and be able to communicate with her much more easily than in months past.


- Going 'bye-bye' and putting on her coat: Even if we aren't going outside E will wave bye-bye and point to her jacket, wanting me to put it on her. She wears it all around the house and it reminds me a little bit of Randy from A Christmas Story because she really "can't put her arms down" or get her fingers through the end. But she loves it.

- Climbing on things

- Sticking her tongue (way) out (at everyone): This little habit is hilarious (for now).

- Being outside: During the few gloriously warm days we had this month, the only thing Evie wanted to do was be outside.

- Putting things on her head: see photo above. She will put the same object on her head and take it off again and again and again. Who needs toys, right?


- Being sick: Poor girl had her first "real" sickness this month- it was just a cold but she was SO uncomfortable and fussy for almost a whole week. It took a while to bounce back from that one.

- Mommy and Daddy kissing: Or really showing any form of affection to each other at all. I'm not sure where it comes from, but she will make it very clear that she doesn't approve.

This is from Valentines day. We both felt very much in the spirit <3


- Officially riding in her "big girl" car seat: This makes car rides much, much more do-able because she is easier to distract and feels like a part of what is going on. Our trip to Omaha was once of the smoothest road trips yet, and she was awake for most of it!

- She adds to her vocabulary everyday, but her newest words are "Mimi" (she just mouths the word..she doesn't actually make the sound. She can, but for some reason she doesn't) "Roxy" (she says "rrrrawr" for the "r" sound). She also calls chicken "bok bok".

 That's all for now!