A Day at the Park

My head, heart and wardrobe have all been a season ahead of real life since we had one tease of a warm day a few weeks ago. It then proceeded to blizzard and become winter again for a few days, but I think February is starting to catch my not-so-subtle hints because this week has been GOR. GEOUS.

I normally love winter to death and am ok with its prolonged stay every single year, but I think since this is my first winter away from Colorado in over 10 years I'm really missing (actual) winter and the wonderful things you can do in it. Not this bitter cold with 2 inches of snow and hurricane winds nonsense. Hence my strange desire for bright colors and weather in the 60's. It could also be the pregnancy hormones. I blame everything that I can't explain on those convenient hormones.

All ranting aside, though, to celebrate the weather's cooperation yesterday, my friend Alyssa and I took our littles to a nearby park to enjoy that blessed vitamin D. It was a blast letting Evie and Brody explore and learn about their surroundings. We kept talking about how excited we were to do all the "summery" things with them this year- swimming, park days, picnics, digging in the dirt, building/destroying sandcastles- all the things they were too little to appreciate last summer. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, it's only February. We did get a perfect little foreshadow of what is to come yesterday, however.

They weren't quite sure what to do on most of the playground, but they loved watching the other kids and exploring.
Miss independent loved walking EVERYWHERE
Such a sweet boy <3
And my favorite for last- her face just brings me too much joy.
Until next time, lovely people.