Evie- 14 Month Update

Happy Monday, lovely people. How was everyone's weekend? I at least got started on all the projects I had planned, and I'm about to pull my first gluten-free loaf of bread out of the oven as we speak, so I'd call that a successful three days. What fun projects did you all accomplish/start?

On a completely unrelated note, in honor of Evie's 14 month-hood, I wanted to share the rest of the photos that we had taken of her (semi-)recently. These were for her 1 year photo shoot, but I haven't shared them yet, so why not? Again, these were all taken by Amy at A Moment Photography. She's the greatest, and they definitely capture Evie's silly personality.

- Walking where she wants to go: She has been taking steps on her own for over a month, but she's finally getting to the point where she thinks walking somewhere is more efficient than crawling there. Seeing her walk makes her seem so grown up! 
- Car keys: She definitely chose one of the more dangerous/unsanitary options for her favorite things. 
- Wearing her winter jacket everywhere: Even when we are inside she will say "brrr" and point at her coat. It's probably her Colorado blood ;)
- Wearing bows: If you follow me on Instagram, you read about the time a few weeks ago when she woke up early and was inconsolable, until I realized she was pointing at the container of hair bows we have on her dresser. Girly girl already? We'll see.
- Her belly button: she loves to find her belly button and giggles anytime you touch it. She will also lift up other people's shirts to try and find theirs. Once she does she will kiss your belly. 
I think this one is my favorite :)

- Sleeping in: it's ironic that her mother is opposite of a morning person...

- She can now say more, yes, papa, nana (as in banana), nona (for Grandma Chris), mama, dada, Jess (she just says the J), yuck, poop, tickle tickle, soft and socks.
- She knows where her eyes, nose, knees, hair, head, tummy, toes and belly button are. It is so fun to watch her learn things; some she just picked up on her own.

I can't believe my sweet girl is already 14 months old. I'm trying to treasure every moment with her and write the cute little things down, since I know it won't be just her for much longer. It will be so fun to go back and re-read these posts when she is all grown up and bossing a little brother/sister around. ;)