Evie- 11 month update (a few days late...)

Whew....things have been a little a lot crazy around here. We moved into our new (much bigger) apartment, found out something very exciting, and celebrated Evie's FIRST BIRTHDAY all within a couple of weeks. And yes, I need to blog about ALL of it. But today I'm going to play a little bit of catch up and post about E's 11th month of life, even though she's a few days into her 12th. You can forgive that, right? And I promise I will update you all on everything else next time!

So...Miss Evelyn.

She seems more like a toddler and less like a baby by the minute. I'm not sure when the transition happens, but it is definitely on its way.


- Kissing everyone: even if she doesn't know them, if someone is smiling at her or talking to us, she will usually stick her face out with her mouth wide open and try to kiss them. This is only socially acceptable when you're a baby.
- Having her own room: this is HUGE. In our old, tiny house we were all in the same room and it. was. rough. Since we've moved she has been sleeping MUCH better and so have we. I'm one happy mama.
- Trying new foods: she's a very adventurous eater. She will at least try anything I put in front of her and the only thing she really doesn't like is eggs (still). We started dairy this month and she LOVES yogurt and cheese.
- Tickling herself and other people: she tickles her own tummy with her fingers and says "tick tick" or something that sounds kinda like that...its pretty cute.
-Taking her socks off: she literally will take her socks off the second I put them on. It's a battle I always lose. She has also taken to removing the socks of other babies when she's around them. Oh, child.


- Being away from Mama: she is in a bit of a mommy phase right now. Sometimes she won't even go to AJ, which makes him sad. But I just remind him that she will go through phases when she only wants him and not me....so don't take it personally if my daughter pushes you away when you try to hold her.

We had a little play date at the Childrens' Museum with her friends Brody and Mylo :)
Notice: no socks ^^^

-Learning how to sign "more": I decided to teach her a few easy signs so that she could communicate with me instead of just yell and point. Its much, much easier. I'm working on "please", "eat", and "all done" now.
- Learning how to "talk" on the phone: If she is holding one of our phones, she'll put it up to her ear upside down and backwards and say things into it.

Her first Halloween wasn't a success at all. While I'm not the biggest fan of the holiday, I did want to dress her up and maybe trick-or-treat a little bit, just for the heck of it. But the flu struck with a vengeance and we had no such luck. This is the best photo I got of her in her cute little pumpkin costume. Oh well. 
As the sock is coming off....
These two are best friends in every sense of the word.