Ramblings on Turning Twenty-One

A few weeks ago I entered into a new world where I can legally consume alcohol, gamble, or adopt a child. I can even apply for a license to drive a semi, or supervise my 16 year old brother who just got his permit. Seriously, this adulthood thing is pretty neat. While, in all honesty, I'll probably only ever do two of those five things in my entire life (I'll keep you guessing about which two though....), its *kind of* cool that I at least have the option to spend all my money on russian roulette.

So, this is what 21 feels like.

If I didn't know better, I would think that adulthood meant having responsibilities and owning them. I would think that it was more than a legal age or whether your driver's license is vertical or horizontal. I would think that it was about having character, maturity, and life goals. But, maybe turning 21 is just about legally being able to do all the things you've already been doing since high school. I don't know.

Whatever it really means, you have to celebrate turning 21, right?

All rants aside, for MY 21st, the only thing I really wanted was to go to Colorado. So that's what we did. In the spirit of adulthood, AJ and I left our responsibilities (child, dog and jobs) with Mimi and Papa for three days and roadtripped to Fort Collins, one of my most favorite places.

Aj's a beer guy, so the first thing we had to do was head to Odell's Brewery where I had a pilot tray 
This was the first time I had been away from Evie for longer than a night, so I was a little nervous to leave her. At the same time though, I was SO excited to have alone time with the husband and be back in my college town with all of my friends.

It just so happens that my wonderful friend Liz turned 21 the day before I did, so we kept our three year strong tradition of sharing birthday parties and celebrated together.
The Moscow Mule in the copper mugs was one of my favorite drinks ;)
These beauties came all the way from Denver to celebrate with me <3

The best part about turning 21 is that literally EVERYTHING is free. I don't think I bought myself a single drink or meal. I think I'll say its my birthday more often....Though we definitely did more than just go to bars and restaurants, that seems to be the only time it crossed my mind to take photos. We had SUCH a great time visiting friends and experiencing a little bit of the Fort Collins "night life" like I hadn't been able to do before. So far, I give adulthood 4 stars out of 5.

Of course, I was more than ready to be home after three days away- I wouldn't trade my real "adult" job of being a mommy for anything...not even free brownies covered in ice cream or Moscow Mules in awesome copper mugs.