Evie- 10 Month Update

With her tenth month under her belt, this little girl feels less and less like a baby every day. She gets into everything, asserts herself, and is learning to communicate in new ways all the time. AJ and I are always talking about how much fun she is at this age. While the cuddly-tiny-newborn phase is amazing, I think this stage is even better. Our little girl, who used to be smaller than my forearm and actually took naps, is growing up so quickly, and it has been the most amazing thing to watch.

One highlight of the month was our mommy-baby trip to Omaha. AJ's cousin Jessica, who was like a sister to him growing up, got married and unfortunately, AJ couldn't get the weekend off, but E and I went to represent the North Platte Youngs' side. We had such a great time. The wedding was perfect, we spent lots of fun time with the family and I got to do lots of shopping that I wouldn't have wanted to force the husband to endure ;) I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but here are a few of shots of Evie from the wedding:

E with Aunt Patti- the mother of the Bride

Another one of our little outings this month was a picnic we brought AJ at his second job working for a family friend's farm. He absolutely loves being outside and getting to do "man things" all day, but we miss him at home, so one day we decided to bring him lunch and eat outside together. The weather was SO gorgeous and Roxy loved getting to roam free on their massive property.

And now onto the 10 month old of the hour....

- Exploring: she is quite curious these days. Now that she learned how to open cabinets and drawers, her favorite game is pulling everything out and throwing it on the floor. I've gotten away with minimal baby proofing until now, but I think the inevitable has come.
- Pointing: when entering a new room, the very, very first thing she does is find the light and point at it. She as an obsession with lights and she makes sure we know where they all are. Its pretty informative, really.
- Kissing her reflection in the mirror: I don't think she realizes that the reflection is her (my freshman psychology class at least taught me that much...) but whoever she thinks it is, she sure loves them.
-Taking a bath in Roxy's water dish: this pretty much explains itself.
- Eyes: her obsession with eyes is a close second to lights. If you ask her where your eyes are she will point to them and feel your eyelashes. And by point, I mean poke and grab. But if you tell her "no, no" then you'll get a kiss, so theres at least a reward for your pain.

These pictures are of our park date with our new friends Alyssa and Brody earlier this week:) 
- Bonking her head: she does this a lot nowadays
- Having a stuffy nose: We've all been sick at the Youngs' house lately, and she's had a nasty stuffy nose. So hard for this mama to watch :( She has been a trooper though.

- Blowing bubbles in the bathtub: new last night!
- Standing without assistance (until she realizes what she's doing and gets scared)
- Two more teeth...she has six total now.