Evie- 8 month update

I didn't mean for my blog to turn into monthly updates on my daughter and nothing else, but that is what its become lately. I don't have a charger for my computer so I have to blog somewhere I can borrow a charger, which I apparently only find time for once a month...but I'll get better at it. There IS more going on in our lives besides Evie's monthly birthday, I promise. But I'm sure she's the reason most of you read anyway ;)

EIGHT MONTHS! I honestly lose track all the time, so its probably a good thing I have this blog so I can remember how old my only child is. I stopped counting weeks by the time she hit double digits, and I'll probably have to do that with months too. Evidently numbers aren't my strong point. I'll work on that too.

All that aside, little Evelyn is becoming quite the person. She is learning to assert her opinion and makes it verrrry clear when she wants something, or doesn't like what is happening. Any second now she will be crawling (finally)- she has SO many places to go and gets frustrated that she can't get there.

- Clapping: Whenever anyone says "yay!" she gets really excited and claps her hands. She also loves grabbing someone else's hands and clapping them together.  I love this new way for her to express herself- she's becoming a "big girl" more and more each day.
- Waving goodbye: Sometimes it takes a while, and she occasionally waves to herself, but she can do it.
- Reading "Goodnight Moon": This is literally her favorite. We read it multiple times every night during bedtime. Its a good thing she has such good taste in literature, or that would get really monotonous.
-And of course ROXY: This dog is about as close to a nanny as we can get. Set Evie in front of Roxy, and endless opportunities to push, pull, yank, pet, kiss, sit on, head butt and hug keep her occupied for minutes on end (which is a long time, trust me).
- FALLING ASLEEP AND SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!: Thank the good Lord for this one. With the help of a consistent bedtime routine, lots of tries and tears (from all of us), and patience, she learned how to fall asleep on her own and stay that way. And there was much, MUCH rejoicing.

- Naps: No matter what I do, she will not fall asleep for nap time. I've tried everything. The only way she will nap is if we drive around in the car or nurse her. I'll take that though, since she sleeps at night. You can't win them all.

I just love her wrinkled nose ^^ :)

- She intentionally says "mama" and "papa" when she wants us.
- Pooping in the bathtub. Yeah, this has happened three times now....I can't argue with the logic, but it kind of defeats the purpose.
- Clapping.