Evie- 7 Month Update

Evie has yet another month under her belt....it's crazy how that keeps happening. It surprises me every time- I can hardly believe she'll be 8 months old soon. This month, like all the ones before, brought with it lots of changes- not just for Evie, but for all three of us.

We moved into our first house (*cue HUGE sigh of relief*), and watched my little brother get married, among other changes but I'll post more about those later.

Miss Evelyn had quite the month as well:


- Showing off. She's realized that she can make people smile- and she LOVES it. If someone laughs at what she is doing, she will keep doing it with MUCH enthusiasm.
- Scooting. (Kind of). If she sees something she wants and isn't in her walker, she will scoot with her face buried in the ground and her butt in the air towards what she wants. We are still working on the whole picking our face up thing....
- Eating. She love love loves eating solids. We aren't doing any baby food, just for the sake of convenience and letting her teach herself how to eat, but are doing a "baby led weaning" approach. So far she loves avocado, banana, sweet potato, cheerios, watermelon, apple sauce, scrambled eggs, peppers (non-spicy, of course) and water. Shes turning in to quite the connoisseur.
 - Chewing on her toes.


- Putting herself to sleep. We've been working on teaching her how to fall asleep without needing me. I'll just say its much harder to actually implement than it seems. She typically wakes up about every three hours during the night to eat or just cuddle- which is really sweet for about the first two weeks. Needless to say, this mama is ready for a full night of sleep. With the move into our tiny one bedroom home and Aj's new job working at night, though, its been hard to let her put herself to sleep without totally giving up on our sleep....its a work in progress, I hope.


- Shes started saying "words". Her favorites are "ba-ba", "ma-ma", "da-da" and shaking her head "no no no".
-Viral rash. This one's not as fun :( If you look closely in most of the pictures you can see the rash all over her face, arms and legs. It started out as a mosquito bite and broke out from there (though the two may not be related). It was so sad to see my baby so itchy and red...but luckily, I think it bothered me a lot more than it bothered her.
-TEETH! Her bottom middle teeth are starting to peek through. The toothless grin days are coming to an end. 

Tummy time with her best friend.