Evie- Six Month Update

Half a year under her belt! I can't believe it. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already in the planning phases for her first birthday party…but I'm trying not to rush myself. Everyday she changes and learns something new, and I don't want to miss a single thing. She is turning more and more into her own little person, with definite preferences and dislikes.


- Beards. Or really any hair for that matter. She grabs and pulls as hard a she can the minute any hair is within reach. Maybe she just likes the reaction she gets out of the victims…
- Being outside. Now that summer is firmly established, we love lathering her up with sunscreen and letting her play outside. Right now walks in her stroller are her favorite, sometimes we go on two or three a day.
- Squealing. She makes a really high pitched squeak now, rather than her random babbling she was doing. I have a hard time telling if she is frustrated or happy when she does it, but it sounds cute nonetheless.
- Mimicking. She loves to copy us when we stick out our tongues or make fake coughing noises.
-Blowing spit bubbles.


- Sleeping through the night. There were three or four nights where she slept ALLLLL the way through- which was clearly just to tease me because recently she's been waking up two or three times a night.
- Sitting still. She constantly has to be moving, rocking, bouncing, sucking, chewing, grabbing, rolling or pulling to be happy.  


-Rolling over! She first rolled over from back to tummy only, but now she does both really well, once she figures out she can roll to get what where she wants to go, we will have some major baby proofing to do. 
-Sitting up! She still needs occasional support, but she can sit unassissted most of the time. 
-Sickness :( She had her first fever and sore throat (we think) this week. It broke my mama heart to see her so unhappy and unable to sleep. But thankfully it was nothing serious and she is on the up and up now!