Evie- 4 and 5 Month Update

Things have been crazy for the Youngs family lately. We moved to Nebraska this past week and with goodbyes, packing and unpacking, and planning, I've put blogging on the back burner. (My charger also broke, so thats my other excuse). But I'm back now and hope to pick up right where I left off.

This last month has been a big one for Evie. She went on her first real road trip, she met her great-great grandma, she figured out how to use her hands and she laughs all the time- all big accomplishments, I'd say. I can't believe how quickly she is changing- I swear I say the same things every month, but every month I'm amazed by how much she's grown since the last.

- Chewing on everything. This little girl is ready for solids! One more month!
- When people shake their hair. I don't know what it is, but she finds hair hilarious.
- Roxy. She smiles every time she sees Roxy (or any other dog for that matter).
- Grabbing her toes.
-Talking REALLY loudly.

- Being alone
- Being in her car seat. The 4 hour drive to Nebraska doubled because someone just couldn't get along with her car seat.

She is SUCH a happy girl and is getting so social. Its fun to see her interact with people and learn more and more about her big world everyday.

Easter Sunday :)