Evie: 3 Month Update

Three months already? How did that happen? I know I'm going to be saying that everyday for the rest of my life, but I just can't get over how quickly she is growing! I may or may not have taken my three month old out to coffee yesterday to celebrate. Blame it on being stuck in the house all day, or blame it on my absurd need to celebrate every little thing, either way, it happened.

She's definitely out of the "newborn phase" and becoming her own little person which is SO much fun to see. She does something new almost everyday- I'm scared that if I look away for just a second I'll miss her newest trick. Watching her learn is truly amazing.

The pictures this month are extra special and I'm completely in love with how they turned out. My parents bought us family pictures as a wedding present and we finally got them taken a few weeks ago by my wonderful friend Amy Minshull who owns A Moment Photography and is incredibly talented. She captured Evie so perfectly. She also did a separate shoot for AJ and I, but I'll save those for another post.

Warning: this post is very picture heavy. Sorry (not sorry), I couldn't hold back.

Here are a few family pictures. We haven't had many pictures taken of all three of us since E was born, so it was really special to have this session and to see our tiny family unit all together :) (minus Roxy of course).

Now on to the main event: Evie at three months!

- I'm not completely sure actually. I'm guessing she weighs around 13-14 lbs now. Judging by the rolls on her thighs, she's a healthy, heathy girl :)

- Chewing on her thumb. She hasn't quite figured out how to suck on it yet, but she tries really hard. Usually both fists find their way in too.
- Eating. That probably goes without saying, but this girl loves to eat. I'm pretty sure breastfeeding should be a full time job in itself.
- Holding her own hands.
- Sleeping! She started sleeping in 6-7 hour stretches at night and I am one happy (and much more rested) mama.
- Clicking her tongue.
- "Talking". She just discovered her voice a few days ago and now its constant coo-ing, squealing and babbling. I absolutely love it because I can see her learning to communicate in her tiny baby way. So fun. She has laughed a total of two times in her life (once for AJ and once for me), but its very unpredictable. I can't wait till its a regular thing.

- Not being held. She is a bit of a mama and daddy's girl lately and cries if anyone besides us tries to hold her. Kind of a bummer, but also kind of makes me smile inside, not going to lie.
- Being on a schedule. Our feeding/sleeping schedule is very baby led. I don't have an around the clock schedule because she just does what she wants regardless ;) She eats about every three hours, but her naps during the day are pretty unpredictable ranging from 15 minutes to a few hours.

Aren't these pictures great? I love them all and can't wait to share the rest. Thanks, Amy!

And one more for good measure.....

Happy weekend everyone!