New Beginnings

I don't choose the title of this post lightly. Not only is this the start of a new blog- a fresh start, a white blank page- it also represents a time of new beginnings in my life. Almost too many to seem reasonable.   And while fresh and new is exciting, it is also daunting and a little terrifying at times. But change is so necessary, which is why I'm starting (or "re-starting") this blog.

Simply Liv will be a space to document my ever changing life. It will be a place where I'll share what inspires me and give shape to the jumbled musings inside my head. It will hopefully inspire others and help them embrace the changes in their own lives. This blog will be a place where I remind myself that the simple, normal things in life, like a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a conversation with a friend, are usually the most important and beautiful things. I need this reminder often- especially in the middle of so many "new beginnings".

When I think back on 2013, I'm a little overwhelmed. It was a great year, but it was also a very hard year. I had an unplanned pregnancy, got engaged, gave birth to our beautiful little Evelyn and got married all within the last 10 months. It was a year of learning what the essentials are and learning how to let go of plans I was making. It was also a year of blessing as I watched God provide us with everything we needed for a new baby and a new life through the generosity of others. It was a beautiful year, but the beauty didn't come without difficulty.

Now, in the first week of this new year, I'm looking forward to new beginnings. A fresh start couldn't have come at a better time- as Mother and wife are both new roles that I'm adjusting to this year. As crazy as change can be, it can also be wonderful. So here's to all the freshness and whiteness of a new year! I can't wait to see what this one brings.