Evie- 2 Months

I can't believe this little nugget is two months old already! She brings us so much joy everyday that it's hard to imagine ever living without her. I want to post monthly updates not only so you can see how she grows, but so that I can look back and remember these sweet, sweet times. I couldn't come close to guessing the number of times people have seen her and told me, "pay attention. It goes too fast". That's what blogging helps me to do- pay attention to the little things that I might otherwise miss. And I don't want to miss anything when it comes to this sweet baby.

E just had her two month check up yesterday, and that meant shots. I was dreading that appointment because I wasn't sure if I could handle watching her get so many owies....I'm such a softie already. But she was SUCH a trooper and only cried for a few seconds and then was back to her happy self a few minutes later.

10 lbs 14 oz
24 in long

-Eating. She breastfeeds almost every 3 hours around the clock. She's starting to sleep longer at nights now though, so sometimes she will go for almost 5 hours without eating. I'm SO ready for that first night she sleeps all the way through!
-Smiling. Its so fun to see her personality developing and learn what makes her happy. Basically right now faces make her happy. She smiles whenever she sees mommy or daddy (when she's in a good mood). It makes waking up at 4 am to a crying baby so so worth it when she looks at me and smiles a huge, open mouthed grin.
- Christmas lights. We have a string of Christmas lights hanging above our bed and they are our "go-to" to calm her down. I'm not sure if its the colors or the brightness, but whatever it is, she could look at them all day.
-Sucking on her hands. She just discovered her fists. Its pretty adorable to see her try and shove her entire hand into her mouth, and it keeps her happy. Win for everyone.

-Falling asleep. The trick is to bounce her while rocking side to side and patting her on the back and singing "Jesus Loves Me" all at once.
-Waking up. It usually takes her around 30 minutes to open her eyes once she starts rustling around in her crib.

she loves her daddy